dr. kathryn bass


Magnet Ingestion Safety

After years off of the market because of the threat they posed, magnetic balls have returned with a vengeance. Commonly referred to as Buckyballs, the brand name is often used as an encompassing identifier for the small magnetic BBs that children and adults mold into...

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The Current State of Our World

This month, I felt it was imperative to address current events and the role the medical community plays. We are living in a moment that will define our history as a nation, and the time has come for us as a whole to evaluate the process and make systematic changes to...

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National Women’s Physician Day

February 3 was National Women Physicians Day. Obviously, this is an important day – the pioneering female physicians that paved the way for so many. This date was selected because Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to receive...

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Preventing Accidents

There is nothing in this world more precious than our children. Dr. Kathryn Bass and countless others have committed themselves to a lifetime of doing everything within their power to protect them. While the tireless efforts put forth on the floors of the hospitals...

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